Mother of 18 kids and counting

One year of marriage and the words “When are you giving good news” have started echoing in our ears. And so are the questions like how many kids do you plan to have. All right, both me and my wife adore kids a lot but we wish to have one little angel after a year or so. We can’t stop admiring kids in malls, weddings, birthday parties and get-togethers. But obviously, lunch time discussions with married friends revolve around their kids, the cute acts of the children, the importance of having just one or maximum two kids…

Today, one of my colleagues mentioned about this lady Michelle Duggar who already has 18 children and is pregnant with her 19th child. Unique and how! I believe she has been pregnant all these years and wonder how she manages. I hope they have considered that they are adding to the world’s population. But in any case, kudos to her and the family! I am sure by the time you read this, she might be on her way to deliver her next child.

Are we inspired? Well, one thing is for sure – if Michelle Duggar can raise her 19 kids perfectly, we should be able to give our one kid (or two may be) the best in life!

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