Can't think of anything unique

Alrite, I am married now and for obvious reasons my brain fails to work (just like me). Will come up with something unique very soon. Until then, let me know if you come across something interesting.

Who cares for hygiene when deos are available

Would you rather apply a deodorant instead of taking a bath daily? Would you rather spray a room freshener instead of cleaning your room everyday? May be not. But this is exactly how the garbage woes of Mumbai city are going to be dealt with.

Some news report that to avoid the stink and the inconvenience that arises from Deonar and Mulund dumping grounds, the BMC has decided to spray the entire area with deodorant. Apparently 42,000 litres of a herbal deodorant at a cost of Rs 60.90 lakhs has come to 'relieve' the people residing nearby.

Well, though I appreciate that at least some initiative has been taken, I wonder if this could be the only solution. What happened about the earlier hoopla about people separating the garbage in two bags before disposing? Is something being done about it?

Or should we just pass by the garbage dumping grounds, take in a deep breath and say, "Wow, this garbage smells good".

Man, you are pregnant!

Delivery boys is a common term. But who would have guessed that it can have a literal meaning too! As per the latest news, a man has delivered a baby girl in Oregon.

The man, Thomas Beatie, was actually born female but got a hormonal sex change. Now his wife was unable to conceive and the couple decided that Thomas should give birth to the child. What should I say, his wife must be really lucky to have him in her life!

NASA's Phoenix lands on Mars

There's something on Mars that didn't exist earlier! NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has successfully landed in the northern polar region of Mars today. Now follows a 3-month examination of a site chosen for a likelihood of having frozen water within reach of the lander's robotic arm. This looks unique for now, but you never know in the future NASA might come up with more exciting discoveries that this one would seem like just nothing.

The journey that started on 4th August 2007 had been 422 million mile long. Here's wishing NASA all the success.

IPL - Kolkata Embarrassed by Mumbai Indians

A record performace by Mumbai Indians. Take a look.


Did I ever tell you that your mere presence brings a smile to all those around you? I wish that you get all the reasons to keep smiling always and may all your dreams come true. Cheers to a beautiful life ahead!

Blogger's latest gadgets and tools

Today, I came across this very very important link for all the bloggers:

Perhaps most of you knew about this earlier, but for those who did not, this link is the most comprehensive guide to all that blogger can offer and how you can use everything.

And they are coming up with a lot of gadgets for your blog. You can start using them right away at Blogger’s experimental features site:

Have fun!

The blog, the name!

Welcome to my new blog.

You must have observed the thrill about the third Pentapalli on Google. And now, here's a blog that has a URL of my entire name - Mrinal Pentapalli!

Wow! It feels so good to have an almost unique name and a very unique surname. So while you all Rahuls, Rajs, Neetas, Amits, Aakashs, Poojas, Yogeshs, Ravis, Deepas, Ektas... struggle to book a url with your name and only your name without any numbers and extra letters, I, Mrinal Pentapalli, am basking in the glory of my uniqueness! Love you Mom and Dad for giving my my unique identity, online and in the real world.

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